What Does a Pastor Really Do?

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The question “What is the role of a pastor?” is a good one. Because a pastor has so much responsibility, we must have a broad understanding of what a pastor does. We need to know what a pastor does, why he does what he does, and how he does it.


A pastor’s role begins with his election as pastor. Election is a gift from God and is one of the most important decisions a person can make. In fact, the election is a type of religious service and is a part of what is called “Pastoral Ministry.” Pastoral ministry involves the full lives of the Church members in mission and growth.


The responsibilities of a pastor also include the leadership of the flock. This means that he is responsible for determining who will be planted in the Church and how many pressies they will have. In addition, he is the leader of the people, the pastor’s word being the rule in the Church and no one else coming into the church but him.


How can we best understand what is the role of a pastor? The first step is to recognize that he is the shepherd of the flock. He brings his sheep back to the fold and tells them what they must do to become Christians. When he does this, the people listen to him, trust him, and follow his lead.


When you enter into a Pastor’s Office you have entered into an appointment for a particular task. Your role as a pastor’s assistant is to facilitate that appointment by keeping the appointments, making sure documents are signed, scheduling appointments, and so forth. You are not required to do any actual work. All you have to do is help make things happen.


Another question that comes to mind when we think about what is the role of a pastor? One of the most important aspects of being a pastor is being a teacher. You have to teach your flock what is the role of a pastor? Many people don’t realize that you do not just talk the talk; you walk the walk!


A pastoral office is an office that is used for special needs and for people who might have a need for pastoral counseling. Some examples might include drug/alcohol abuse, elder law, elder care, elder abuse or elder-related issues. It might even be that you are a pastor but you just happen to be a Marriage and Family Therapist. The point is that you are needed in every possible situation and you must be available. If you can’t make it to church every week because you are working, then you have time during the week to visit with your patients and to teach what is the role of a pastor.


The other question that comes to mind when we think about what is the role of a pastor? It’s simple, you are called to be a leader amongst men. This means that you need to lead your flock by example. By applying your teachings to your daily life, you will inspire others to follow you.


A pastoral career is one where you are not only providing counseling to your patients, but you are instructing your flock to do the same. By leading them through scriptural wisdom and application, you are not only inspiring them to walk in the grace of Christ, but you are teaching them right from wrong. In fact, you are being a teacher as well as a preacher.


So, what is the role of a pastor? It’s an excellent question and one that we often receive confusion on. Many tend to use the “pastoral” description of the work as meaning that it is about counseling and guiding others. However, this isn’t necessarily the case. You may actually be more than just a counselor or a leader. Often times, a pastor’s role is far more complex and involves a large amount of planning, strategizing and organization within his own personal life as well.


The reality is, your pastoral leadership is not just about counseling and teaching others how to follow God. Yes, that is incredibly important, but not the only part of it. In addition, pastoral leadership involves the work that involves being a steward of God’s love, calling and mission as well as working with members of your congregation to assist them in living their faith.


For this reason, many find that it is easier to answer the question, “what is the role of a pastor?” with a little research. If you are searching for information on what a pastor’s role is, try looking for online resources such as the official website of the Catholic Diocesan Commission on Pastoral Ministry. Here, you can find not only detailed descriptions about the work of a pastor, but also biographical information as well as helpful ministries, volunteer opportunities and current events. By gaining a deeper understanding of what a pastor’s role actually is, you can begin to see what a true leader of your church must do.