The Bible
• From Koine Greek “ta
biblia” meaning “the books”
• A collection of books
• World’s all-time best seller
(several billions copies)
• World’s most translated
book: 600+ languages

Most popular versions
(by on sales)

NIV 2. KJV 3. NLT 4.
• Most shoplifted book in
the world
• 9 out of every 10 people
own a Bible
The Old Testament:
• Books: 39, Chapters: 929,
Verses: 23,214 (KJV)
The New Testament:
• Books: 27, Chapters: 260,
Verses: 7,959 (KJV)

Fun Facts: Books/

• Last word in the Bible:
“Amen” (Rv 22:21)
• Shortest verse: “Jesus
wept” (Jn 11:35)
• Longest book:
Psalms — 150 chapters
• Shortest book:
3 John
• Longest chapter:
Ps 119 — 176 verses
• Shortest chapter:
Ps 117
• Most used word: “the”
• Longest verse:
Esther 8:9 (KJV)

Understanding Titles and Biblical Words

For those unfamiliar (and even those somewhat familiar), many terms in the Bible can be difficult to get a grasp on. Here is a guide to help with understanding titles and Biblical Words.

Understanding Titles and Bibical Words



Genesis: General account of God’s work of
creation- death of Joseph
Exodus: the events surrounding the escape of the
Israelites, who were led by Moses
Leviticus: sacrificial rites and laws including the ten commandments
Numbers: Israel to trust and obey God, and
wanders in the wilderness for 40 years
Deuteronomy: re-statement of the laws for how
to love and obey God in the Promised Land


Joshua: led the Israelites into the land of Cannon, then parcels out territories to the 12 tribes of
Judges: Israel enters a cycle of turning from God,
falling captive to oppressive nations, calling out
to God, and being rescued by leaders God sends
their way

Ruth: Gentile women (Moab) -Naomi (mother
in law), Recorded in the genealogy of Jesus
1&2 Samuel: the period of Judges- the period of
Kings (Samuel, Saul, David )
1&2 Kings: Story of North/ South of Israel kings
1&2 Chronicles: History of South Judah
Ezra: Played important role rebuilding the
temple after the 70 years of Captivity
Nehemiah: Judah governmental general. Lived at
the same time with Ezra. Rebuilding the
Esther: Xerxes’s (Persian king) wife. Saved Israel.


Job: man of Uz. Faith
Psalms: pomes by many
Proverbs: Solomon and many other’s proverbs
Ecclesiastes: meaningless things we do under the sun, but remembering God is
not meaningless
Song of Songs: the love story of Solomon


Isaiah: God sends the prophet Isaiah to warn Israel of future judgement- but
also tell them about a coming king and servant who will ”bear the sins of
Jeremiah: God sends a prophet to warn Israel about the coming Babylonian
captivity, but the people didn’t take the news very well
Lamentations: A collection of dirges lamenting the fall of Jerusalem after the
Babylonian attacks
Ezekiel: God chooses a man to seek for Him to Israel, to tell them the error of
their ways and teach them justice
Daniel: Daniel becomes a high-ranking wise man in Babylonian and Persian
empires, and has prophetic visions concerning Israel’s future
Hosea: Hosea is told to marry a prostitute who leaves him, and he must bring
her back: a picture of God’s relationship with Israel
Joel: God sends a plague of locusts to Judge Israel, but his judgement on the
surrounding nations is coming, too.
Amos: A shepherd named Amos preaches against the injustice of the
Northern Kingdom of Israel
Obadiah: Obadiah warns the neighboring nation of Edom that they will be
Judges for plundering Jerusalem
Jonah: A disobedient prophet runs from God, is followed up but a great fish,
and then preaches God’s messages to the city of Nineveh
Micah: Micah confronts the leaders of Israel and Judah regarding their
injustice, and prophecies that one day the Lord himself will rule in perfect
Nahum: Nahum foretells of God’s judgement on Nineveh, the capital of
Habakkuk: Habakkuk pleads with God to stop the injustice and
violence in Judah, but is surprised to find that God will use the even more
violent Babylonians to do so
Zephaniah: God warns that he will judge Israel and the surrounding nations,
but also that he will restore them in peace and justice
Haggai: the people have abandoned the work of restoring God’s temple in
Jerusalem , and so Haggai takes them to task
Zechariah: The prophet Zechariah calls Israel to return to God, and records
prophetic visions that show what’s happening behind the scenes
Malachi: The has been fulfilled to Israel, but they continue to live
disconnected from him so God sends Malachi to call them out

Understanding Titles and Bibical Words



Matthew: An account of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection, focusing on Jesus’
role as the true king of the Jews
Mark: This brie account of Jesus’ earthly ministry highlights Jesus’ authority
and servanthood
Luke: Luke writes the most thorough account of Jesus’ life, pulling together
eyewitness testimonies to tell the full story of Jesus
John: John lists stories of signs and miracles with the hope that readers will
believe in Jesus
Acts: Jesus returns to the Father, the Holy Spirit comes to the church , and
the gospel of Jesus spreads throughout the world


Romans: Paul summarizes how the gospel of Jesus works in a letter to the
churches at Rome, and answers some questions that they’ve had about how
Christians should behave
1 Corinthians: Paul writes a disciplinary letter to a fractured church in
Corinth, and answers some questions that they’ve had about how Christians
should behave
2 Corinthians: Paul writes a letter of reconciliation to the church at Corinth,
and clears up some concerns that they have
Galatians: Paul hear that the Galatian churches have been lead to think that
salvation come from the law of Moses, and writes a (rather hated) letter
telling them where the false teachers have it wrong
Ephesians: Paul writes to the church at Ephesus about how to walk in grace,
peace, and love
Philippians: An encouraging letter to
Colossians: Paul writes the church at Colossae a letter about who they are in
Christ, and how to walk in Christ
1 Thessalonians: Paul has heard a good report on the church at Thessalonica,
and encourages them to “excel still more” in faith , hope, and love
2 Thessalonians: Paul is nearing the end of life, and encourages Timothy to
continue preaching the word
1 Timothy: Paul give his protege Timothy instruction on how to lead a church
with sound teaching and godly example
2 Timothy: Paul is nearing the end of his life, an encourages Timothy to
continue preaching the word
Titus: Paul advises Titus on how to lead orderly, counter – cultural churches
on the island of Crete
Philemon: Paul strongly recommends that Philemon accepts his runaway slave
as a brother, not a slave


Hebrews: A letter encouraging Christians to cling to Christ despite
persecution, because he is greater
James: A letter telling Christians two live in ways that demonstrate their faith
in action
1 Peter: Peter writes to Christians who are being persecuted , encouraging
them to testify to the truth and live accordingly
2 Peter: Peter writes a letter reminding Christians about the truth of Jesus , and warning them that false teachers will come
1 John: John writes a letter to Christians about keeping Jesus’ commands,
loving one another, and important things they should know
2 John: A very brief letter about walking in truth, love, and obedience
3 John: A even shorter letter about Christian fellowship
Jude: A letter encouraging Christians to content for the faith, even though
ungodly persons have crept in unnoticed.
Revelation: John sees visions of things that have been, things that are, and
things that are yet to come

I hope this guide has helped somewhat with understanding titles and Biblical words.