the bible academy

Studying the Bible and theology is very practical,
no matter where your journey is headed.

You’ll learn to think and read carefully and critically, and write and speak clearly
and persuasively, on some of the most complex topics.

You’ll learn about other religions, such as Islam and Judaism,
and learn how to better understand your own faith and Scripture.
And you’ll learn to understand how religious convictions shape us as responsible
members of the human community and God’s creation today.
What employer would not consider that an advantage?

Our graduates can attest that the becoming equipped is excellent preparation
for graduate school and a variety of careers in dioceses and archdioceses,
legislation, public policy, medicine, law, and publishing.

Many of our graduates enjoy our courses for the independent learning
and growth they experience in their lives of faith and continue
with non-ministry related career paths, to be a light in their given environment.



your Biblical education
is a lifetime investment
No matter your path

Lead a ministry, church parish, or religious organization as an example in faith and deeds.

Minister to youth, from children and teens, to college ministry and post-graduate ministry. 

Fulfill the Great Commission and make disciples of all nations through the Gospel.

Providing emotional and spiritual counseling to individuals, groups or families in need.

Teach the Bible and its applications to our lives today, to all types of students and believers.

Manage the overall operations of a non-profit organization that serves the community.

Teach about Scripture and history in classroom and small group instruction settings.

Write about the greatest story of all time: God’s story of love, mercy, and grace for His people.


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