How to Lead a Bible Study

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If you are learning how to lead bible study lessons, or even learning how to lead a Christian group in general, one of the keys is fun. The Bible is full of stories of people that encountered difficulties and hurdles, struggles with doubt, and even despair. It is a good thing that we have such a great book filled with life lessons that people can draw from. But the Bible does not need to be boring every time someone reads it. It can be entertaining, fun, and informative all at the same time.

1. Make Sure to Include Fellowship

One thing that many Christian groups do not do well is to adequately introduce their members to each other. How to lead a Christian group is about more than just learning the material contained in the Bible. It is also about building a community that is made up of individuals who have similar values and goals. Far too often, Christian groups will begin with a prayer and hymn series, but very seldom will any time be devoted to actually having fellowship. There needs to be some time spent together, especially on Sunday morning.

2. Add in Interaction and Application

Interaction helps build spiritual growth because while reading and learning are important, the real work of studying is done when we sit and share our concerns, dreams, and struggles with one another. Bible study helps us to examine and evaluate our lives and the situations in which we are living. It helps us to examine God’s word and learn how to walk with grace.

3. Be a Teacher of the Word who Grows 

Learning how to lead a Christian small group is also about more than just being a good teacher. It is about becoming a true teacher of God’s word. As a teacher, one must continually grow in wisdom and understanding. However, most teachers of the Word will focus primarily on delivering lectures and offering instruction. They may also do ministry around the church or may spend time serving the needy.

4. Be an Example and Have an Open Heart 

As a student of God’s word, a person needs to realize that he or she has certain obligations to those under them. A person in this position must become an example in every situation. If the group does not have any brothers and sisters, it is vital that the leader to assume the role of a brother or sister to each other. A good leader should speak up when needed and ask others to do likewise. Every member of the group should feel that they can discuss anything with their leader, no matter how trivial.

Biblical exhortation is needed by all members of a group. The Bible makes encouraging comments and exhortations to those who have faith and to those who are weak. As a leader, a person needs to demonstrate the grace of God by setting examples in the area of study. Those who are in positions of leadership should always have an open mind and be willing to listen to others in order to build true fellowship.

5. Encourage Those who Have Left 

Each time a student moves away from the group, he or she should go out of the way to encourage and empower another. Every student should pray for the success of every other member. There is strength in numbers and those who gather under the leadership are a force to be reckoned with!


Parting Thoughts

If you are a leader of a Bible study group, there is no place for you to go wrong. Take your responsibilities seriously and do what you were created to do – share God’s love with those who need it most. You will see amazing things happen in your ministry as long as you are dedicated to following God’s Word daily. The greatest thing that will happen is that you will have a growing pool of ministry leaders just like you. Go out there and pray for those who are in your position right now. It is a wonderful thing to witness to new and old students alike!