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What denomination is the Bible Academy?

The Bible Academy is interdenominational and completely nonsectarian. Our faculty are from major Christian traditions and in some cases, even other world religions. Our students and alumni represent several dozen denominations and faith groups. The Bible Academy is an open community for all who want to grow in their faith in our Lord, Jesus Christ.

How did the Bible Academy begin? Who is the founder?

The Bible Academy was originally founded in 1975 as a small community of theologians engaged in fervent discussion and discourse about the Scriptures. In 1978, the Bible Academy expanded its mission to become a resource for clergy and congregation alike, and began providing Bible study classes. Today, the Bible Academy has expanded to become a full-fledged online theological seminary academy with faculty, students, and alumni from all over the world. We have maintained the founders’ love for theology and their original commitment to proclaiming the good news.

What is the Academy's commitment to diversity?

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How large is the student body?

The Academy has about 350 students every year to fully complete the course, and many who study with us for elective courses. Many of our alumni enter pulpit ministries and careers in chaplaincy, academia, law, medicine, business, social service, and nonprofit agencies

What is the Academy's commitment to diversity?

The Bible Academy community embraces a wide range of Christian traditions. Committed to serving believers and the world, we welcome people of various religious and nonreligious traditions to study with us, making our community inclusive of a myriad perspectives.


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