on Mental Health

Depression and the Spirit   Depression has tripled since the pandemic first hit. However, as prevalent as it has gotten, depression and mental health remain stigmatized topics. Due to the lack of dialogue, many suffer from depression unnoticed– even in the world of faith. Depression is a difficult illness to address, and often there isn’t […]

Causes and Solutions for Faith Decline among Young Adults

Being in a position to lead a church and congregation is no easy feat and requires much sacrifice, an open heart, selflessness and effort. There is a desire to instill values and morals that can help individuals grow into respectable members in society with a heart of love and common sense, but a prevalent situation […]

What Can You Do with a Theology Degree?

What can you do with a theology degree? This question may arise in your mind if you are pondering on a religious vocation. Theology, in its most popular form, refers to the application of religious beliefs and principles to the study and implementation of societal structures. It is therefore not uncommon to find religious leaders […]

COVID-19 impact on Church Attendance

Since its first appearance in the last year of 2019, Covid-19 has interrupted the normal going of societies. There wasn’t a single place that wasn’t impacted by the virus in one way or another and one of the top countries affected with a large number of cases and deaths was the United States of America. […]

What Does a Pastor Really Do?

The question “What is the role of a pastor?” is a good one. Because a pastor has so much responsibility, we must have a broad understanding of what a pastor does. We need to know what a pastor does, why he does what he does, and how he does it.   A pastor’s role begins […]

October Seminar Series

One of the most common struggles we’ve discovered in particular is the overall decline of young adult participation in church-related activities. Statistically, this has seen a sharp increase in only the past two years. That’s why for our upcoming discussion, we wanted to help facilitate a discussion regarding this matter so that we could work […]

How to Lead a Bible Study

If you are learning how to lead bible study lessons, or even learning how to lead a Christian group in general, one of the keys is fun. The Bible is full of stories of people that encountered difficulties and hurdles, struggles with doubt, and even despair. It is a good thing that we have such […]

Monthly Pastoral Seminar Series

Considering the circumstances of the past sixteen months, we wanted to help facilitate discussion between church leaders, so that through collaboration we could work to overcome our common struggles. Our solution was a monthly seminar series on topics relating to faith and congregation management. The title of this month’s seminar will be: Overcoming COVID-19: challenges […]