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Welcome to The Bible Academy

Gain Biblical and Theological Insight into Your Life

Here at the Bible Academy, we welcome with open arms believers who want to find answers to life’s biggest questions and provide a diverse, worldwide community based on shared values and beliefs. 

At the Bible Academy, you’ll find lessons that are only rooted in Scripture and faith in Christ, and you’ll develop a comprehensive understanding of the Word of God, from Genesis to Revelation.

Be transformed and amazed at the power of the Scriptures and of knowing God’s will for us today.

The Bible Academy: Theology Online

Experience Theology & Faith
Like Never Before

From Old to New Testament, we dive in deep into the Bible to give you a better grasp on the historical context, the teachings, and the illustrations contained within the Word of God.

With our hybrid online learning format, you enjoy the benefits of a lecture setting with the intimate discussion available within small groups of like-minded individuals. 

Our programs are designed to require the minimum in terms of textbook and external resource costs. Our main textbook is the Bible alone, and any additional resources required are provided without cost. 

Connect with a diverse group of fellow classmates who come from various walks of life. Discuss and reflect and pray together as you go on the journey of learning the Word. 

The Bible Academy: Theology Online

Sharing the Gospel to the Ends of the Earth

Over 30 Countries

The Bible Academy’s cohorts are from all over the world, including the United Kingdom, Japan, South Africa, and Italy.

Spanning All Walks of Life

Anyone is welcomed to join from various walks of life — from university students to ministers to elders. 

Open to All Seekers

Our students come from different backgrounds of faith and denominations and churches, joined in a shared pursuit of truth.

The Bible Academy: Theology Online

Biblical Teachings
From Expert Lecturers

The expert lecturers at The Bible Academy are first and foremost highly effective teachers who bring a wealth of knowledge and professional experience to the classroom.

They also are devoted to guiding and supporting students in taking practical steps toward launching successful theologically-related careers.

They are mentors, researchers, respected intellectuals, and experienced leaders in their fields.

The Bible Academy is a certified online program and all participants will receive a Certificate of Completion or a Certified Degree of Theological Instruction upon completion of the full program.

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